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Current Topic: The Weaponization of Social Media

In these presentations I explain the nuts and bolts of bots and trolls and how the Russians and others game Americans on social media, review the types of disinformation and junk information that are polluting our information streams and introduce emerging disinformation technologies such as fake videos and AI, review our options for handling these challenges and provide first steps for audience members to begin developing their digital resilience skills.

My most popular talk focuses on the basics as many people don’t understand how it all works and are hungry for simple clear explanations of what a bot is, what a troll is, what Cambridge Analytica did and what it means to them. If your group needs a more advanced presentation or is interested in delving into a particular topic I will work with you to tailor a talk for those needs.

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Before I began giving presentations helping Americans understand the weaponization of our social media I gave hundreds of presentations helping people understand the complexities of using social media for business.

Previous venues included:
Ongoing presentations to for Santa Cruz Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
Surf Expo
Silicon Valley Business Journal
San Francisco Bar Association
Financial Executives International
Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce